Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade dies from Cancer, at the young age of 23


  • Minecraft content creator passed away after fighting cancer for almost 10 months, at the young age of 23.
  • The YouTuber’s father announced his demise through a YouTube video clip titled ‘So long nerds’.
  • The YouTuber set down a message hours before his death. “If you are watching this, I’m dead”, his father said, reciting his last message to fans.
  • Tributes from fans and prominent members of gaming and streaming communities around the world poured in.

The community of the popular video game, Minecraft has lost one of its most prominent content creators this week, after YouTube sensation Technoblade died from cancer on Thursday at the young age of 23.

Technoblade was an American YouTuber and an internet personality, famous for his videos of Minecraft and Livestreams of his YouTube channel. Technoblade had more than 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 3.8 million followers on Twitter.

Last year in August Technoblade was diagnosed with cancer. He uploaded a video revealing that he was diagnosed with Sarcoma (a rare bone and soft tissue cancer) after having pain in his right arm and a bump on his shoulder.

The YouTube sensation, who won many Minecraft tournaments and had a battalion of fans, talked about his life in a humorous way while playing, he explained in a fundraising video that he had undergone radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and a limb salvage operation after spotting a painful tumor in his arm.

Technoblade addressed his viewers through a letter

A video titled ‘So long nerds’ has been uploaded on Technoblade’s YouTube channel, on Thursday. Instead of colorful blocks of Minecraft, the video features a man, sitting on a chair against a white background with a poodle. After introducing himself as Technoblade’s father he recites his son’s prewritten letter for all his fans and supporters. ” Hello everyone, Technoblade here. If you are watching this, I’m dead. ” His father recited his last words, added to this his father revealed that his real name was Alex.

In his note, Technoblade took a trip down memory lane to the time when he had pranked his viewers into believing his name was Dave. He continued by thanking everyone for supporting his content over the years, he said if he got another 100 lives, he would choose to be Technoblade again every single time as those were the happiest years of his life. This video ended with a written message from his mother.

Technoblade was a faceless entity in his videos, it was the magic of his voice that made him so famous, but his father showed some pictures of him and his loved ones in that last video. He always used an avatar of a crowned pig with a sword for himself in his video.

His father said that he died 8 hours after completing the note,  he also added that the proceeds from his merchandise would go to the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

Fans paid their Tribute on Twitter

Technoblade’s demise has left millions of people in pain. Fans, viewers and so many other content creators expressing their emotions on Twitter, paying tribute to the star and wishing his family strength in this tough time.

Following the release of the video, YouTube tweeted its condolences to Technoblade’s family, friends and fans. The official Twitter account of Minecraft also tweeted its condolences.

He has gone too soon, but this legend will always be in the hearts of millions of his fans.