Jennifer Lopez Opens up About Experiencing Exhaustion-Induced Panic Attack, that left her Physically Paralyzed

Jennifer Lopez Talks About Experience


  • Jennifer Lopez opened up about her mental health in her late 20s.
  • Lopez recalls the terrifying panic attack she experienced, which was brought on by exhaustion.
  • She spoke about how she changed her lifestyle and copes with stress and anxiety.

In the latest edition of On the J.Lo, a newsletter, Jennifer Lopez, opened up about her physical and mental health conditions, she shared her experiences and expressed what had happened to her in detail.

The extremely talented American singer, Jennifer Lopez, revealed that once she had a severe panic attack because of over-working and lack of proper sleep that made her completely exhausted.

She talked about her career

Jennifer Lopez, 52, a Dancer-Singer-Actor is one of the biggest Hollywood star. It took her so much hard work to become the icon that she is today. To get where she is, she pushed herself to the point of exhaustion.

When talking about her journey she mentioned that there was a time in her life when she used to sleep 3 to 5 hours a night. She also said that she would be on set all day and in the studio all night and doing junkets and filming videos on the weekends.

“I was in my late 20s and I thought I was invincible” She confessed.

She continued that one day she was on set, hanging out in her trailer when suddenly all the work and the stress it brought with it, coupled with not enough sleep to recuperate mentally, caught up with her.

The ex-Flygirl remembered “feeling totally normal that day” and then “all of a sudden I felt as if I couldn’t move”.

She said she was completely frozen, adding that she had trouble with her vision and barely saw anything. She found herself feeling physically paralyzed.

Classic Panic Attacks brought on by exhaustion.

The Hustlers star has recalled that the physical symptoms she was having started to scare her. She thought she was going insane, she felt an immediate need to go to the doctor, but she couldn’t walk or even speak.

The security guards on set helped her and drove her to the doctor. She said, that by the time she reached the doctor, she could at least speak again.

She shared that she asked the doctor, am I going crazy? and the doctor replied no, you are not, you just need to sleep for at least 7 hours, need to exercise, and relax. Lopez reveals that her doctor said that it was a classic panic attack and she was suffering from severe exhaustion.

Lopez added, that now she knows it was a classic panic attack, brought on by exhaustion, but she had never even heard the term at the time.

Journey to wellness

The terrifying panic attack taught the leading star to change her approach to mental health and self-care.

The Singer has revealed that she uses Transcendental Meditation, the Mantra based meditation to help her cope with stress and anxiety, and it dramatically changed her life.