Georgia Guidestones Monument gets Destroyed in a predawn Explosion

Georgia Guidestones Monument gets Destroyed


  • The mysterious Georgia Monument was bombarded by an unknown individual.
  • Investigators are searching for whoever set off an explosive device at the monument.
  • The Monument was approx. 19 feet high and bore a 10-part message in different languages.

A mysterious Georgia monument erected in rural Georgia near Elberton in the US, better known as the Georgia Guidestones monument was damaged on Wednesday, 6 July when an explosive device was set off near the attraction. It was further demolished by law enforcement for safety reasons.

The Explosion happened around 4:00 Am in Elberton, CCTV showed a massive blast and a silver-colored car leaving the perimeter around that time. Investigators are searching for whoever detonated the explosive at the monument. Officials said that no casualties were recorded in the explosion.

A large section of granite slab broke apart and collapsed. The stone, set at the top of the monument was also heavily damaged. Some people referred to the monument as ‘America’s Stonehenge’ while others decried it as ‘Satanic’.

History of Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones is a set of granite monuments in Elbert County, Georgia in the US. It has been brought to light that the Construction of the Guidestones occurred in 1980 by a small group of individuals led by the pseudonym Robert C. Christian.

R.C. Christian on behalf of an anonymous group approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company in 1979 and explained that the Stones would function as a Clock, Calendar, and Compass, and should be capable of ‘withstanding catastrophic events’.

Joe Fendley thought that Christian was insane and he attempted to discourage him by providing a price quote that was several times higher than any of the previous projects.

But for a surprise, R.C. Christian accepted the quote and provided a scale model with 10 pages of specifications. The completed monument was unveiled in 1980 before a Crowd of a Couple hundred people.

Conspiracy Theories

 The monument is approximately 19 feet high, with four vertical slabs, and was Inscribed back and front with 10-part messages in different languages, providing guidance for humanity in the world that would exist after it.

As the people who made the monument were unknown this mystery has caused a lot of anxiety and worries among local residents. They initially garnered little controversy as the nature and purpose of the monument were not clearly specified and hence created a lot of mistrust. Some Conspiracy theories alleged that the creators of the monument were connected to Satanism. The mystery has been surrounded since its erection in 1980, who has paid for and authored the monument. Previously some groups who found the message offensive were attacked and spray-painted the monument in 2008.

After the explosion, the state authorities declared it a crime scene, and investigations of the bombing are underway, for that, police barricaded the highway. Aside from controversies, local people were also disappointed after the explosion, which partially demolished the monument. They believe that whatever the personal opinion about anything, attacks are always considered bad for the community.