Betty White and Joan Rivers Put on Comedy Masterclass in resurfaced ‘The Tonight show’ clip

Betty White


  • Betty White and Joan Rivers’ hysterical interview shared on Johnny Carson’s official YouTube channel, Goes viral.
  • In the recently resurfaced clip, Joan Rivers interviewed Betty white during a 1982 appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’.
  • In the clip, Betty and Joan Continue to trade hilarious barbs in good fun.

Betty White, a beloved Hollywood icon best known for her portrayal in numerous TV Sitcoms most notably The Golden Girl, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, etc.

The American actress is best known for her comedic work, she had an endless supply of good-natured insults. White was a popular name on the small screen. She started her career on radio and later became a pioneer of television for more than seven decades.

Betty Marion White The Golden Girl star, was born in 1922 in Illinois US. In her three marriages Allen Ludden, Betty White’s third husband was the love of her life White Said. The couple was married in 1963 and stayed together till Ludden’s death in 1981. White never remarried.

White worked in the Television industry longer than any other star. For that, she earned herself a Guinness World Record in 2013 and had it renewed in 2018. Betty’s classic moments in Hot in Cleveland, The Golden Girl, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Proposal are unforgettable. Many celebrities loved to work and do movies with Betty White.

The legend died in 2021, on 31st December, at the age of 99 less than 3 weeks before her 100th birthday.

The Resurfaced Clip

It’s been over 6 months since The Golden Girl Star, Betty White died, but the internet and the Netizens are still finding ways to honor the late actress.

Like many comedians, Betty also had an endless supply of hilarious good-natured insults, which she mostly used against her loved ones only. And being a Television host and comedian Joan Rivers also had a similar approach to friendship and their barbs, in the recently shared clip are just as hilarious as you might imagine.

On June 20, this year the official YouTube channel for Late Johnny Carson shared a clip nearly 12 minutes long from an episode aired in 1982. The clip featured two legends of comedy in ‘The Tonight Show ‘ Starring Johnny Carson.

Joan Rivers died in 2014 at 81.

From the very beginning till the last, the whole interview segment is filled with continuous raucous laughter from both the audience and the legends themselves.

The only moment when Betty White was all serious in the entire segment was when discussing her love for animals. When she said that she would like to be a Zookeeper if acting was off the table.

The Clip of the interview has since garnered more than 5,50,000 views on YouTube with over 500 Comments, leaving notes for the two late legends of Comedy. Netizens Shower their love, and respect for the great comedians.

Since White’s death on New Year’s Eve 2021, fans shared many stories and video clips of the late actress. One of those clips Includes another one of White’s appearances on the same show (The Tonight Show) this time in 1983. Throughout the video, both Comedians roast each other effortlessly.