Ahead of Series one year completion on November 2022…”Is The Wheel of Time Season 2 happening or Not?”

The Wheel of Time


  • The first Season of Robert Jordan’s Book Premiered on November 19, 2021.
  • Is The Wheel Of Time Season 2 happening?
  • The Wheel of Time Season 1 to complete one year in the coming November.

[The Wheel of Time Season 1 Trailer, Via Twitter]

Ever since The Wheel Of Time Series got renewed for a second season the last year, in May 2021, fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the release. Interestingly, Season 1 of The Wheel Of Time, which premiered on Amazon Prime on November 19, 2021, left many unquestioned knots. Fans want to know Is Season 2 happening or not?

Is Season 2 happening or not?

Before Season 2, the Amazon prime show’s last season episode left the scene where Moiraine warns Lan of the Last Battle. An arrival of western ships and stronger waves hit the coast. The second season is already shooting in Prague, Czech Republic, since July 19, 2021. Maybe the shoot to be concluded in February 2022, as said earlier. In the wake of time, the series must be in post-production or still filming, seeing the delays. Indeed, the series is going to complete one year in the coming November, and fans are waiting for Season Two excitedly. In January 2022, Balfe confirmed that he would be returning to score for Season 2.

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy novel series by Robert Jordan. The basis of the Television series is this novel. Interestingly, the book was planned for six series books but got 14 parts. Reportedly, Brandon Sanderson co-author the last three parts after Robert Jordan’s Death in 2007. The American Author’s book is far more detailed and descriptive, which made it his epic fantasy novel. Moreover, the book got a nomination for Hugo Award.

[The Wheel of Time, HCATVAwards, 8 July 2022, Nomination]

In June 2019, after the series’ first season announcement, lead Actress Rosamund Pike and Co-author Brandon Sanderson joined McDougal as a co-producer. The series went through a lot of completion and approval processes before its premiere on November 19, 2021. Finally, the series got telecasted by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios. Rafe Judkins served as the showrunner for the series.

The Wheel of Time: [ A little History]

The Wheel of Time’s first book, The Eye of the World, got released on January 15, 1990, and became a critical success. After the first television series, the book hit the New York time best seller list. Even The Audiobook version trended the lists. Furthermore, The Eye of the world consists of a prologue and 53 chapters on its first release. The re-release version of January 2002 consists of an additional prologue designed for Young Adults. An audiobook for the series got narration by  Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. Moreover, after the series’ first season, 90 million copies were sold till 2021.

Firstly, The Wheel of Time Game launched as MUD formate, WoTMUD. It is based on a world of Wheel Of Time but set in 30 years world prior. Reportedly, WoTMUD has been operating since 1993. Furthermore, In 1999, the Wheel of Time computer game was introduced with Aes Sedai as the main character. Moreover, an American Game publisher company known as Wizard Of Coast used a role-playing system called d20 rules to launch The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game in 2001. Following this, in 2010, Obsidian Entertainment planned to re-introduced The Wheel of Time Game. However, the project got dropped in 2014.