Elizabeth Holmes, An American entrepreneur. “Her Diary at the crossroad of 2015 Fraud…”

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  • Elizabeth Holmes sentencing in October 2022.
  • Elizabeth Holmes 30th Birthday party…?
  • Elizabeth Holmes made it to the billionaire list at the age of 19.
  • Elizabeth Holmes partying At Burning Man with her Boyfriend.

Elizabeth Holmes, not to be said, a 19-year-old billionaire, made headlines for founding the blood testing company Theranos in 2003. An American Entrepreneur even made it to Forbes 2015. Interestingly, the goodwill rise of female billionaires from Standford is something to look ahead for. In 2003, Elizabeth Holmes, with a dream in her eyes to make blood testing easily accessible available, dropped out of Standford. Her story begins as a chief executive officer (CEO) to Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani as a president. She met Ramesh Balwani at Standford, and they became friends and then a couple.

An episode from the mini-series, The Dropout on Hulu, shows Elizabeth’s 30th Birthday Party scene where guests enter the party wearing a mask of her face.

Elizabeth Anne Holmes is from Washington, DC. The American Entrepreneur, born February 3, 1984, is the daughter of Christian Rasmus Holmes IV and Noel Anne. Her father was a vice president at Enron, and her mother, Noel, a congressional committee staffer. After completing her schooling at St. John’s School in Houston, she went to Standford to study chemical engineering. She worked as a student researcher and laboratory assistant in the School of Engineering. In the Summer of 2004, she stepped out carrying her university funding to Democratize Health Care.

2003- Theranos

“Real-time cure” in Palo Alto, California, and it all begins here. Initially, Theranos was named “Real-time cure” but later changed to Theranos (a portmanteau of “therapy” and “diagnosis”). Elizabeth holmes idea states, “vast amounts of data from a few droplets of blood derived from the tip of a finger or finger prick.” To simplify, she proposed the research idea that she is using a few droplets of blood to know the vast amount of data from the human body. Hmm, Here is the catch, medicine professor Phyllis Gardner and other medicinal experts at Standford told her, “I don’t think your idea is going to work.” But she never listened to them. A girl from Washington DC, an admirer of Steve Jobs, dressed in a black suit, made it to the Theranos.

In the 2004 cold winter, Elizabeth Holmes collected $6 million and made it $92 million at the end of 2010. After her interview with Medscape, Eric Topol, she rose to prominence in major newspaper journals with an estimated worth of $9 billion. Her name appears as a “Young Leaders,” “Self-made female entrepreneur,” and “Forbes 400 lists.”

2015 – Why and What Happened?

2016 – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) sent a warning letter to Theranos stating irregularities at Newark, California laboratory.

March 2016 – CMS regulator’s two-year ban on Holmes on unfixed problems at Laboratory.

2015- An Investigation

John Carreyrou of The Wall Street Journal starts publishing a series of articles regarding the company’s methods and strategies for practicing Blood Tests.

October 2015: “Bombshell Article” published by The Wall Street Journals despite the warning from Elizabeth’s lawyer David Boies. In 2018, following a series of articles, John published a book titled Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. A book detailing his investigation of Theranos.

Elizabeth Holmes cms interview states that she devastated we did not catch and fix these issues faster]. Further, she says that with help from a new scientific and medical advisory board, the lab would be rebuilt.

2018 – Federal Grand Jury indicted Holmes and Ramesh Balwani on the ground of nine wire frauds and two conspiracy.

An entrepreneur’s journey marks an end in January 2022, U.S. v. Holmes et al. convicting her of defrauding investors. The verdict further states that Holmes is found not guilty of defrauding patients. She faces up to 20 years in federal prison starting from October 2022.

“…. While Theranos burning down on the top hill, Elizabeth Holmes At Burning Man with her new boyfriend, Billy Evans, partying hard,” says Nick Bilton, former employee, reports Vanity Fair.