Riverdale Season 6 finale- Will The Town Saved From Bailey Comet?

Riverdale Season 6 Finale Date


  • Riverdale Season 6 Finale on July 31, 2022.
  • Will Percival succeed in his agenda of building a ghost train?
  • Riverdale Superteens preparing for the finale battle.
  • Riverdale Season 6 Finale – A final Battle between good and evil.

So, many things are happening around Riverdale this week and probably this month. Soon, the Riverdale Season 6 finale will be taking place. All the viewers and fans are eagerly waiting for the climax story to unfold in the TheCW series. But don’t worry, Riverdale season 6 is exclusively available on Netflix too. Riverdale season 6 came to Netflix on November 16, 2021, for fans worldwide. And ever since the first season series has hooked up the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The 2017 Drama’s sixth season is going to be a twenty-two-episode event. Riverdale Season 6 finale is likely to conclude on July 31, 2022. Since the series is heading to its season finale, fans want to know Will Percival Pickens to be defeated or be able to build a ghost train? Or will The Riverdale Superteens defeat the Supervillain? What’s going to happen in the final battle of Good Vs. Evil?

Recap- Before Riverdale Season 6 Finale

At the beginning of season six, the series starts with an opening of a parallel universe, Rivervale. The two towns filled with atrocities reach their climax when Betty was stopped by Jughead from a parallel universe before the bomb diffuses. The new Rivervale continues to exist in harmony while Jughead continues to write a story of the characters living in Rivervale.

After the end of the Season 6 five-episode event, the story shifts to Riverdale. Riverdale saw the arrival of the new member of the past Pickens clan Percival. Following the show, Percival is shown to have mind-controlling abilities that ultimately make him reach the post of Mayor by manipulating board member Alice Smith. Alice, who is now the reporter at the local news channel, helps shape Percival Plans.

In Riverdale season 6, episode 8, Percival proposed the idea of removal of homeless people from Sketch Alley. In the board meeting, Archie counters his thoughts with a plan to build housing for the homeless in Sketch Alley and seeks funds from Toni and Tabitha. Later, Archie warns Betty of Percival’s Controlling mind of people.

In episode 20 of Riverdale Season 6, Tabitha discovers Jughead’s ability to open a time portal to a parallel universe. Tabitha, who disagrees with Jughead initially, went to parallel Universe Rivervale with him. In the episode following, Jughead and Tabitha learned that another Jughead is writing a comic book whose characters are based on Riverdale Characters. In the end, the super teens get defeated by villain Percy the Percy The Perverse. While Rivervale’s story unfolds, Percival prepares to execute Kevin Killer, Reggie, and his father. In the interview with Alice, Percival tells his story of how he sold his soul to a Devil. In the story that followed, it is revealed that after the bomb diffused, the two parallel worlds bled into each other. Hence, Percival, who was heading to Rule, Rivervale, made an entry into the new town Riverdale.

Jughead saves Kevin, Reggie, and his father from execution by opening the portal to Veronica Casino’s office. Cheryl and Archie plan to explode the train tracks after freeing Kevin, Reggie, and Marty. On discovering the incidents, Percival executed Frank, Tom, and Alice to the gang.

In Riverdale Season 6, Episode 21, Cherly and Heather learn about Bailey Comet crossing the town of Riverdale. They inform Archie about the same. Tabitha confirmed her future vision that the town of Riverdale would be destroyed because of Comet.

Does Riverdale Have A Season 6?

Guess What? You are too late to ask this question. If you haven’t watched it, the season is heading to the super-exclusive ending. Yes, Indeed, Riverdale Season 6 is streaming on Netflix from November 16, 2021. So, pack your popcorn and enjoy the show.

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