The Black Phone Movie Is a Remake?

when does the black phone come out


  • The Black Phone movie is based on a short story, The Black Phone, written by Stephen King’s son.
  • The horror movie was released on June 24, 2021.
  • The film grossed $130 million at the box office.

Horror-supernatural” is one of the genres that movie makers experiment with a lot. From background music, songs, costumes, and location need to be a perfect hit. And, The Black Phone fits into the characteristics reviewed by critics positively. For horror movie fans, it is a must-watch.

The Black Phone is a supernatural horror from Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill. It is an adaptation of the short story The Black Phone by Joe Hill. Reportedly, the project was part of Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill. Last Year, June 24, 2021, saw another addition to the horror franchise, and that’s this movie.

Many reviewers have reviewed it as the Scarer of the Year, praising the screenplay, child actors, and music. The Black Phone sought the nomination for Best Horror at the 5th Hollywood Critics Association Midseason Film Awards. Eventually, the film grossed $130 million at the Box Office.

What is the story of The Black Phone?

Gwen shares the ability to see supernatural dreams. It’s this dream that helps her find her brother’s abduction. However, Gwen’s mother had the same psychic vision, and her drunken, abusive father thinks she possesses the one. After Gwen discovers her brother’s friend Bruce abducted by a child abductor nicknamed “The Grabber.” Although, Both Detectives Wright and Miller interview Gwen. She shares her vision with the police, but the police are reluctant to believe her claims. After days Gwen’s brother Finney and his school friend Robin got abducted. Robin is someone who saves Finney from bullies at the school.

The Black Phone starts hinting at the event and reveals that Finney was captured and held in Max’s basement. Grabber is Max’s brother. In the event, later on, Finney tries to escape the basement with the help of Ghosts of other children who were the victim of Grabber. Every time Grabber sets up something, Finney receives a phone call from the Ghosts warning him.

In the end, Gwen finds the house basement in her vision. She rushes and informs detectives Wright and Miller. Further, The police rush to search for Finney in the basement. Finney traps Grabber in the tunnel he had dug. Finney escaped from the basement from the combination he learned. Detectives discover all the dead bodies. Finney and Gwen reunite while their fathers apologize for their abusive behaviors.

Is The Black Phone Based on a True Story?

Horror author Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King, wrote and published The Black Phone as a short story. The villain is not a real serial killer. But Hill, in an interview on June 25, 2022, told Vanity Fair that he took inspiration from notorious child killers like John Wayne Gacy.

In another interview, the director and screenwriter tell that he shaped Finney’s character from some of the stories of his personal experiences.      Although, he sticks to the original short story version. He shared his experiences living in North Denver, which was pretty violent, and lots of kids used to bleed. He even shared how a next-door neighbor told him their mother was murdered at that time.

When Does The Black Phone Come Out?

The Black Phone came out on June 24, 2021, in the United States by Universal Pictures. However, before theatrical release, the movie was screened at Fantastic Fest on September 25, 2021. Also, On June 8, movie screening at the Tribeca Festival.

After 45 days of theatrical release, the movie was available digitally on Universal’s Peacock website.

Is the black phone out yet?

Yes, The Black Phone movie is available everywhere to stream and watch.