La casa de los famosos 2022 Finale

La casa de los famosos


  • Ivonne Montero became the first finalist.
  • La casa de los famosos begun for Season Finale.
  •  The public is showing in favor of Ivonne.

La casa de los famosos is an American Spanish show. It is a version of the celebrity reality shows The Big Brother or Celebrity Big Brother. The first season of the American-Spanish show premiered on Telemundo on August 24, 2021. The season revolves around a group of celebrities living in a house together with no additional communication facilities from the outside world. Furthermore, they compete for a $200,000 prize. Additionally, A live camera is constantly filmed during their time in the house. They mustn’t be permitted to communicate with those filming them. Every week, In the public voting system, the eviction of participants is decided.

The first season of La casa de Los Famosos house saw many twists and turns, with Kimberly Flores walking out of the game on Day 18 due to personal reasons. Later on, Manelyk González entered the house as a replacement for Kimberly on Day 30. Nevertheless, Manelyk González stood the Runner-up for the first season. Moreover, Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado took home the winning money.

La casa de Los famosos Season 2 begins airing on May 10, 2022, and is striking twists as the house is heading for the season finale. During their stay, the Housemates share their thoughts on events in the house inside a private room referred to as the Confesionario (Confession Room).

At the beginning of week 01, seventeen contestants entered the house, and at the end of week 12, only six are left. Among these six contestants still in the race to win the trophy are Daniella Navarro, Ignacio “Nacho” Casano, Ivonne Montero, Laura Bozzo, Salvador Zerboni, and Toni Costa.

La casa de los famosos 2022

The La casa de Los famosos 2022 is coming to an end. After the departure of Natalia Alcocer, who was the eleventh expelled, was announced on Monday, the path to the final has begun.

Ivonne Montero became the first finalist after getting the golden ticket. Likewise, she celebrated epically, and some of her classmates congratulated her.

The Mexican artist is one of the favorites to win the reality show, even though she has become the most offended and harassed woman in this second season since she has had differences with Laura Bozzo, Nacho Casano, and Daniella Navarro.

However, some celebrities and the public are showing in favor of Ivonne. The said reasons are because of the strength she has shown in the face of criticism from her peers. Well, that’s the time that will tell who will win the trophy. However, the seasons are being talked about for fights and changing dynamics.

La casa de los famosos 2022- Controversy and Criticism

Some viewers of La casa de los famosos 2022 have rated the show one star on Google rating citing that show is a scam and promotes abuse, discrimination, racism, and defamation. Another viewer says that “the production also allows psychological abuse towards Laura Bozzo. Salvador, Daniela, and Rafael have been shown in several videos of the 24/7.”