The victim fought gunman in Oregon grocery store shooting that left 2 dead, police say

Police respond Sunday to a shooting at a Safeway in Bend, Oregon.


  • A 20-year-old shooter had killed an old customer at a Bend Safeway on Sunday night.
  • Bend Police affirmed that the shooter was 20-year-old Ethan Blair Miller.
  • The two casualties in the assault are Glenn Edward Bennett and Donald Ray Surrett Jr.
  • Donald Ray Surrett Jr., 66, battled the shooter in the produce segment.
  • The PLAN was posted online before it took place.

A 20-year-old shooter had killed an old customer at a Bend Safeway on Sunday night and was all the while shooting up the general store when a worker connected with him, possibly ending what could have been a far more terrible assault, police said Monday.

In a news meeting, Bend Police affirmed that the shooter was 20-year-old Ethan Blair Miller.


The two casualties in the assault are Glenn Edward Bennett, 84, who was shot close to the front of the Safeway, and Donald Ray Surrett Jr., the 66-year-old worker who went after Miller.

One of the casualties battled to incapacitate the thought shooter during Sunday’s lethal taking shots at a Safeway supermarket in Bend, Oregon, as per police representative Sheila Miller.

Two individuals were killed, police said. They were recognized as Glenn Edward Bennett, 84, a client who was shot before the store, and Safeway representative Donald Ray Surrett Jr., 66, who battled the shooter in the produce segment, Miller said.

“This is the Safeway representative who drew in with the shooter, or, in other words, he endeavored to incapacitate the shooter and went after this individual, and we accept the forestalled further passings notwithstanding the speedy police reaction,” Miller said. “Mr. Surrett acted chivalrously during this horrible episode.”

Gov. Kate Brown put out an announcement on Facebook Monday respecting Surrett.

“While the current realities are being assembled about the previous evening’s shooting, it is absolutely undeniable that more individuals might have been killed notwithstanding the valor of Donald Ray Surrett, Jr., who interceded to assist with halting the shooter, and the officials who entered while shots were all the while being discharged,” Brown’s assertion said. “Despite silly viciousness, they acted with sacrificial fortitude. Their fortitude saved lives.”

The shooter – – recognized by police as Ethan Blair Miller, 20 – – was tracked down dead at the scene and passed on from a self-incurred discharge wound, the police representative said.

Police found an AR-15-style rifle and a shotgun near Miller’s body, as indicated by Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz.

The shooting unfurled not long after 7 p.m. Sunday at a mall, Krantz said. Police at first got reports there might have been more than one shooter, Sheila Miller expressed, yet there is no proof of a subsequent shooter. There were reports of undoubtedly two others who had wounds that were not hazardous, too, she said.

The thought process stays hazy, yet police know about internet-based posts that may be significant, Sheila Miller said.

Sunday’s shooting follows a spate of other supermarket shootings the nation over in the previous year and in the midst of a general flood in “dynamic shooter” episodes, as per the FBI report.

How the shooting unfurled

Mill operator said police got numerous calls of shots discharged around 7 p.m. at the Forum retail plaza in upper east Bend.

The shooter entered from a high rise behind the mall, Miller said. He traveled through the parking area while shooting adjusts from an AR-15-style rifle prior to entering the Safeway.

When inside, he shot a client – – Glenn Edward Bennett – – who passed on while being taken to the clinic, Miller said.

 AR-15 and shotgun were found close to the shooter’s body, Miller said. Twist police discharged no shots, she said.

How does the shooter get guns?

is being scrutinized. In light of online postings, Bend police likewise reached the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad, who cleared the supermarket and the high rise, Miller said.

Plans had all the earmarks of being posted on the web

Court Order

A court order was served on the shooter’s vehicle and home. Examiners found three Molotov mixed drinks in his vehicle alongside a cut-off shotgun. Police are working with the ATF to learn on the off chance that the guns were lawful.

In his loft, specialists found extra ammo and computerized gadgets that are at present being explored.


CNN has recognized a few blog passages seeming to have a place with Ethan Miller which were distributed on the contributing blog website “Wattpad” itemizing an arrangement and explanations behind the shooting. The posts were disclosed on the night of August 28 by an unknown record and distinguishable for 12 hours, as indicated by Wattpad. The posts have since been eliminated.