Billionaire John Doerr Says, Not investing in Tesla back then, was probably the worst decision of all time

Billionaire John Doerr

A billionaire who had invested in Amazon and Google has recently disclosed his biggest regret was not investing in Tesla back in 2007.

Back then “ Doerr ( chairman of firm Kleiner Perkins ) had thought that not investing in electric vehicle companies and new car companies at all ”, told to Bloomberg Television.

He says that he had the choice of backing a brilliant car designer by the name of Henrik Fisker or a slightly crazy, ambitious entrepreneur by name of Elon Musk with Tesla and I made a wrong decision.

in 2018 Kleiner Perkins invested $10 million into EV company Fisker Automotive, instead, but the company went into bust five years later.

Henrik Fisker then started another EV firm with the name of  Fisker Inc. in 2016, using the same trademark and logo, Business Insider reported.

Doerr’s view

He said not investing in Tesla was ‘probably the worst investment decision of all time’ and the decision still haunts him.

Furthermore, he added added “I do not regret but I would not ever forget,”

He then, backed Amazon after making a connection with 30-year-old Jeff Bezos when they first crossed paths.

He indicated to himself and jeff Bezos as kind of computer science geeks.

He had a feeling the company was destined for big things but did not suspect that it would grow into the absolute E-commerce giant that it is today.

while Amazon had a very clear business plan, it was surely a leap of faith that led him to invest in Google — now Alphabet Inc.

He described his decision to invest in Google as “very controversial.”

“They had no business plan, no revenues.”

Mr. Doerr also missed out on a chance to invest in Sun Microsystems and Cisco.

About Tesla

It was founded in 2003 and headquartered in California, Tesla has been ranked as the most valuable automotive brand worldwide as of today (2022) and the 15th most valuable brand across all industries in 2021.

It took Tesla almost five years to make its first car.

Most of the model’s Tesla are electric passenger cars, basically sedans and crossover vehicles.

In addition to the above, it plans to release Tesla’s first electric truck in 2023 are underway after various production pushbacks.

Tesla’s vehicle deliveries have reached a record 935,950 units in the year 2021 and have been steadily growing year after year as of the second quarter of the year 2022 despite the global automotive semiconductor shortage.

Earlier its one share price back then was around $17 but now it has reached close to $310.

As of Wednesday, the market capitalization of Tesla is $933.92 billion — making it the most valuable automaker in the world

Investing in Tesla at the time would have resulted in a good profit. Sergey Brin was an early investor in Tesla, a friend of musk who co-founded Google.

He invested at least $500,000 in 2008 while helping to raise $40 million and If he were to cash out his investment now, he would pocket at least $100 million, as per Business Insider.