Mahsa Amini – A Suspicious Death Sparks Protests in Iran

Mahsa Amini Death Sparks Protests in Iran


  • Oppressive rules that led to revolt and moments across Iran
  • Amini was arrested, when she was in her way to her family in her brother’s car
  • Women are burning their Hijab in protest
  • Voices are raised by #No to the Islamic Republic

Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman was beaten to death for not wearing Hijab.

The reason for the arrest and torture was only that she did not wear the Hijab (Headscarf) in a public place, which was considered as breaking hijab rules, following which moral police arrested her.

The death of Mahsa Amini, led to massive protests across Iran, beginning in Tehran.

As per broadcaster Iran International, Amini had suffered several hits to her head before she died.

What did her family say?

As per her father, she was beaten to death in custody. As per the family members and eyewitnesses, police officers beat her in a police van after her arrest. However, police rejected such allegations and say Amini died after she was taken to the hospital and the reason the police had given was, she had a heart attack.

Voice for support and impartial investigation

Various senior and chief officials have promised a full investigation, even President Raisi has assured Amini’s family that her death would be investigated.

He further said, “ Your daughter is like my own daughter, and I feel that this incident happened to one of my loved ones.”

This list of officials who promised fair investigation also includes Iran’s chief justice Mohseni Ejei.

UN has called for an impartial inquiry into Amini’s death.

Masses want moral police to be dismantled

Critics from all over the world are now criticizing the police action and correlating the action of moral police and events afterward with U.S. citizens who had called for reform In police after Floyd’s death in custody.

British-Iranian actor Omid Djalili correlated the same events that have been happening in Iran with that of the U.S.

People from around the world have been raising their voices and are in line to start and support the moment of change, the same expressions can be easily seen and noticed on almost all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram to Twitter.

The famous and trending hashtag has been #NoToTheIslamicRepublic

However, those who support the mandatory rule of Hijab wearing, have come in support directly by putting out their own hashtag #My Iran.

Women are dancing and burning their Hijabs

Since after her video went viral on social media, in which she was seen lying on a bed in critical conditions, support and protest increased exponentially and it grew in many folds when her death news came on the news.

Protesters, especially women and girls are seen setting fire to their hijab and many videos have surfaced wherein, it was apparently visible how angry and furious Iranian women were.

In one of the videos shared by BBC news, a woman was standing on top of burning police vehicles, chanting against the Islamic Republic.

Amini’s death is a new incident of oppression

A woman, whose name was Sahar Khodayari dressed like a man and went into the stadium to watch a men’s soccer match.

However, she was caught red-handed and was arrested but she set herself on fire In protest and later on died when she learned that she could spend 6 months in jail.

This incident triggered a public outcry in the country.

As per the experts, Iran is little concerned about improving the condition of women and is famous for gender-based violence for example – honor killing, etc.