A recent Suicide Bombing Killed 20 people in Afghanistan, which led women to protest in the capital.

recent bomb blast in afghanistan
Members of Afghan security forces keep watch at the site of a bomb blast in Kabul on Wednesday. (Reuters)


  • A suicide bomber blew himself up in the girl’s section of the entrance test.
  • 3 explosions occurred in and around the Hazara community area.
  • No group has taken the responsibility for this suicide attack.
  • Persecution has intensified since the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan.

A suicide bomber has blown out himself in an educational institute in Afghanistan, killing at least 20 people.

As per the Taliban spokesperson – 20 people have been killed and 27 were injured. Reports mention that the suicide bomber wore the dress as a student.

This traumatic incident took place in the Dashte-e-Barchi near western Kabul, where a mostly Shia Muslim community lives, and it is a home for the minority group Hazara community, according to the policeman.

Students including both girls and boys were giving practice university entrance exams at the Kaj education center.

Here, one question arises which is when schools are usually closed on Friday, then why entrance test was conducted on Friday?

One of the wounded students told to AFP news agency in the hospital  – “ we were around six hundred students in the room but the major proportion was of girls and most of the victims were girls.”

After this incident, families rushed to the hospitals and began to search for their daughter, sister, and son.

One distressed woman mentions that she was looking for her 19 years old sister in the whole hospital but could not find her. This same situation was faced by several families after the blast.

However, no group has yet taken responsibility for this suicide blast.

In a video posted online, wherein local residents were seen bringing out the dead bodies from the debris and moving out the wounded students from the explosion site.

In addition to the above, in recent years, the Dast-E-Barchi neighborhood has faced some of the worst attacks in Afghanistan.

In the last year 2021, at least 85 people, mostly female students were killed and around 300 people were wounded in 3 bombs explosion near the school in Dasht-E-Barchi.

In starting of this year (April) 2 bomb blasts occurred at separate educational centers, leading to the death of 6 people and casualties of 20 people

Women’s response

Many women from the Hazara minority community protested in and around the capital on Saturday, a day after a suicide bombing.

These women chanted, “stop Hazara genocide, it is not a crime to be a Shiite”, around the hospital where victims were treated.

Angry women dressed in black headscarves and Hijabs were holding banners that read: “stop killing Hazards” as per the report

The witnesses who somehow saved their lives told to the AFP reporters that the suicide attacker blew himself up in the women’s classroom.

Several participants of the protest told reporters that the suicide attack was against the Hazara girls and Hazara community and we demand a full stop to this kind of genocide.

As per the reports Hazara community is considered heathens by the Taliban.

People of the Hazara minority community allege years of persecution by the Taliban group.