Greed to annex regions and eventually a country has become the cause of misery, agony, and plight of the masses of Ukraine.

annexation of four regions


  • Russia annexed 4 regions of Ukraine.
  • US president Joe Biden threatens Russia with dire consequences.
  • Britain bars many companies from providing services to Russia and Russian entities.
  • G7 group has condemned this annexation severely.

Vladimir Putin, on Friday, made an announcement that Russia has annexed 4 territories of Ukraine, which are controlled by his army. This ceremony was held in the Kremlin and Putin urged Kyiv to negotiate to end the 7 months of fighting and lay down its arm.

Putin in his speech said, “I want to say to Kyiv and its masters in the west: people of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson are becoming our citizens forever.”

Moreover, he urged Kyiv to immediately cease the fighting and stop all hostilities and come to the negotiating table.

People in the hall started chanting “Russia! Russia.”

Adding to the ceremony, Mr. Putin threatened Kyiv to use nuclear weapons to retain control of Kyiv territory.

In response to this, Washington said it would never recognize Russian authority in the region.  

Response of Britain

In response to Russia’s claim over four Ukrainian regions, Britain has imposed several new sanctions against Russia, such as freezing the assets of the country’s central bank governor.

Britain is also working to bar British companies from providing services such as advertising, auditing, engineering, information technology consulting services, and some kind of legal advice.

Britain also banned the export of additional 700 products to Russia.

Biden’s view

US president Joe Biden says that Moscow’s actions have “no legitimacy.”

He vowed that the US would always honor Ukraine’s recognized borders.

Moreover, He goes on to say that “international actors should hold Russia accountable.”

G7 condemns Moscow’s illegal annexation

Leading economies, especially groups of sevens have condemned Moscow’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions.

The group, which includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain, and United States, will never recognize Russia’s annexation.

In addition to this, the group said to impose more economic costs on individuals, entities, and Russia. 

Views of Zaporizhzhia people

Recent attacks in Zaporizhzhia led to the death of at least 25 civilians, who were preparing themselves to vacate and pick up their relatives, a Ukrainian official told.

As per the statement of a quinquagenarian ( person from the age group of 50-59 ), he, fortunately, could save his life because he went inside the coffee cafe.

A photographer also describes the horrific and traumatic scene that he saw, after the explosion, he says “ bodies of civilians were scattered across the ground and not even a single glass of the window was left intact in the car.”

However, Vladimir Rogov ( pro-kremlin chief ), accused troops of Ukrain of carrying out a terrorist act.

Ukrainian President severely condemns this and describes Russia’s annexation and explosions that led to the death of people as the “only complete terrorists could do this.”