A Hurricane That Led to Widespread Agony, Plight, And Misery Across Florida State.

Florida hurricane Ian damage


  • Florida hurricane is one of the deadliest and most dangerous tropical cyclones Florida state has ever witnessed.
  • So far it has killed more than 90 people across Florida state.
  • A temporary bridge is being made to supply essential things and for the movement of people.
  • There is continuous disruption of the power supply and other necessary items.

Hurricane is a natural phenomenon and is not destructive until it destroys and does loss to human lives, health, and wealth.

Though cyclones or hurricanes occur frequently every year but this time, a hurricane called as Florida Hurricane has done so much so devastation, not only to property but also to human lives.

Before this, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Michael also had so much destruction of property worth over US $216.1 billion.

Usually, Cyclones have affected Florida every month of the year except in the month of January and march.

However, the strongest cyclone that made landfall in Florida state was the Labour Day hurricane in 1935 and it is one of the strongest hurricanes on record to strike the U.S.

Events after Hurricane

Even though the winds died and the skies went out to clean in Florida, the effects of Hurricane Ian remained Monday, as people of Florida state stayed there without Electricity and other essential things, and others were rescued from inundated houses.

Northeast and mid-Atlantic coasts were getting inundating rains. On the Chesapeake Bay, where inundation was already present, the winds even piled more water and worsened the situation.

A meteorologist ( of the National Weather Service of Wakefield, Virginia ) said that a shift in wind direction has prevented the potentially devastative levels on Monday, in apprehension, Virginia and Norfolk’s beaches had declared states of emergency.

In response to this, the highway to part of North Carolina’s outer banks was shut down temporarily.

Death toll

As per the reports, this Hurricane has led to the death of 78 people, out of which 71 people were from Florida, 4 from North Carolina and 3 people from Cuba since Ian went to make landfall on the Caribbean island on 27 September.

According to Florida’s emergency management agency, more than 1,600 people have been rescued statewide. Moreover, searches and rescues were being undertaken extensively statewide and in affected areas.

Situation after Cyclone

DeSoto county Commissioner, J.S Deriso, said this flood, due to the Florida hurricane, has been pretty catastrophic and later adds officials are hoping to open one of the area’s main highways by Tuesday.

It is reported that the peace river and its tributaries have reached high levels and boats were the only means to supply essential items and services to more than 37,000 residents.

As per the media reports, hundreds of thousands of people had been isolated due to washed-out bridges to barrier islands, spotty cellphone service, flooded roadways, and lack of water, internet, and electricity. In addition to this, the situation of inundated regions was not expected to improve for several days because waterways and roadways were overflowing.

Reconstruction work began

Another temporary bridge to Pine island was being made by the Department of Transportation tracks, bridges, and roads that were destroyed by the Ian hurricane.

The governor said in the reports that a temporary bride is being planned for nearby Sanibel, but It will take a little bit of time.