Optimus Humanoid Robot: A Possibility To Change The World

Optimus Humanoid Robot


  • Making Humanoid robots will be cheaper than cars.
  • Optimus, a prototype humanoid robot, was showcased by Elon.
  • Robots could be used in homes – dinner making, sex partner, mowing lawns- Elon.
  • The arrival of robots will have bed impact on the labor market.

There was a time when robots were only shown and presented in videos and movies through VFX and animation, wherein the robot could be seen doing hundreds of work at such an exponential speed that a normal human cannot do in his life.

Modern-day science and technological advancement have been experimenting with the possibility and making of robots, for many years, that could be affordable and accessible without apprehension of doing bad for humans.

This dream now seems to have materialized when Elon Musk presented his robot on the stage.

Elon Musk is an American founder and CEO of Tesla motors ( an electric car ) and SpaceX ( a private space agency ). Apart from these two, Angel investors, Neuralink, OpenAI, and Boring company are some of the famous companies and entities that he works on and owns.

About the robot

At the electric vehicle maker’s event called “AI Day” on Friday, Elon Musk showcased a humanoid robot called “Optimus”.

At the event, Elon Musk mentioned that the robot business will be worthier than cars.

A prototype robot walked onto the stage and waved off his hands to the audience and in the videos released from the event, Optimus could be seen moving things such as carrying boxes, metal bars, watering plants, etc.

Improving Optimus

Moreover, Musk added that his aim is to make a useful humanoid robot as fast as possible at the Tesla office, in California. As of now, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to refine Optimus.

Currently, Humanoid robots are the missing brain and are expensive and made in low volume, and do not have the intelligence to navigate themselves, Elon said in an interview.

In response to these issues, he said “Optimus would be an extremely capable robot and could be made in high volume and he expected that production cost could be much less than a car, under $20,000.

Future robots could be used in homes, making dinners, caring for the elderly, mowing the lawn, and even becoming sex partners or buddies for humans, said Elon Musk.

Issues from robots

When he introduced the Optimus robot, he also raised the issues that the labor market could witness. He said, the presence of the robot in the production line, could directly reduce the cost of products and increase efficiency, which could result in the loss of jobs for millions of people.

Thus, there is a necessity of providing a universal basic income to the people without strings attached. Fully Automation is also a problem because automation tools have suffered setbacks and the company had to rely on planned factory workers.