After the blast over the Crimea Bridge, Witch-hunt has begun in Russia.

Crimea bridge explosion
Photo: Russian Investigative Committee via AP


  • Russian Federal Security Service has detained 5 Russian, and 3 Ukrainian citizens over the explosion incident.
  • Ukrainian officials have denied all the allegations of undertaking such a blast over the Crimea Bridge.
  • President Vladimir Putin refers to this blast as a “ terrorist act.”
  • Russian Forces have intensified air strikes over Ukrainian cities, in retaliation.

As per the reports of Russian authorities on Saturday, a key bridge called Kerch Bridge, connection Crimea to Russia partially collapsed in a fire, sparked by a truck bomb.

It has been reported that three people died, due to a fire that caught on the bridge after the blast.

According to Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee, the truck that carried the bomb had caused 7 railway cars to catch fire, which led to the collapse of 2 sections of the bridge.

The Crimean Peninsula is very important and holds symbolic value for Russia and it is important for military operations in the south. As the bridge is closed due to a blast, which is hampering supplies to the peninsula.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of orchestrating the blast and considers this explosion to be an act of terrorism, however, Ukraine officials take no claim of responsibility.

Why is the bridge so important?

This bridge connects Russia with Crimea and it provides a key supply route for Russian forces to hold territory captured in southern Ukraine.

It is an important symbolic and strategic area to Russia, as it is providing a route during the war and is crucial for the supply of food, fuel, and other products to Crimea.

The Bridge is extensively used as a route for Russian forces after Moscow invaded Ukraine, sending war vehicles and forces from Crimea to seize most of southern Ukraine.

Russia’s response

Russia termed this explosion event as a terrorist attack that had been carried out on the bridge.

On the Kremlin’s telegram channel, Russian president Vladimir said that this is an act of terrorism that was aimed at destroying civilian infrastructure.

Order for such a blast and action was carried out by the Ukrainian special services, as alleged by the Russian president.

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy chairman of Russia) said that Russia should kill the terrorists, who were responsible for the blast.

Federal Security Service of Russia had detained 3 citizens of Ukraine and 5 Russians and Armenia over the blast that took place over the Crimea bridge.

As per the Federal Security Service, the plan to blast over the Crimea bridge was plotted and planned by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry.

What Ukraine says about this incident? 

Despite Russia’s continuous allegation of the explosion of the bridge that connects Crimea with Russia, Ukraine maintains its position and keeps on repeating that it was not involved in the blast incident.

After the blast at the bridge and afterward events, Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, did not claim responsibility.

Though Ukraine refuses that it has no involvement in the blast, contrary to this, Ukrainian officials were seen celebrating the damage.