The mysterious death of the world’s famous chef: Masataka Kobayashi

Masataka Kobayashi


  • His father was a food dealer.
  • Masa’s restaurant remained open until 2013, months after his death.
  • His family wanted to bury him in the Dominican Republic.

Masataka Kobayashi, the world’s most famous chef, and best-known master chef at several restaurants in the United States were found dead in his apartment, in San Fransico and the possible reason for his death could be thought to be murder.

 Who is Masataka Kobayashi?

Masataka Kobayashi was a youngster from Japan, Tokyo. His father, a food dealer, was the person who introduced Western foods to him and encouraged him to pursue a culinary career.

At the of sixteen, Mr. Masataka Kobayashi decided to become a chef in French cuisine. In order to become, he joined the Palace Hotel to work and get guidance under the master chef.

However, after some time, he went to California to work at L’Auberge De Soleil in the Napa Valley wine country.

In 1982, a team of Great Chefs went to meet Masa and talk about appearing on the Television series the show Great Chefs of San Francisco. He was the first chief who did not want to jump at the chance to be on television.

A year later in 1983, Chef Masataka Kobayashi opened a restaurant called “Masa’s in the Vintage Court Hotel.

Unfortunately, one and a half years later, Masataka Kobayashi, was found dead in his apartment in San Francisco.

This is how from a child of a food dealer he had become the world’s best known Master-Chef.

What did people say about his death?

As per the reports and Frank Falzon, who was the leading investigating officer on Masa’s murder, believes that there was a man who lived in the same building, where Masa used to live, who had developed an inappropriate interest in Masa’s son.

As Kobayashi got to know this, he and his wife both planned to move away the boy for his studies out of the city, after that, Kobayashi was left alone when his wife and three children went on a trip to the Dominican Republic.

It is believed that the man was waiting for Kobayashi who was upset about the boy’s departure when he arrived home. In addition to this, there was an exchange of words between the man and Kobayashi.

Mr. Falzon adds further, the man who knew martial arts might have struck him, if Kobayashi had pulled out his handgun, which he carried for his protection and Mr. Falzon believed the man would have grabbed him around the neck, causing him to break the bone around his neck, which became the cause of his death. 

What happened after Kobayashi’s death?

In almost every incident and death, there is a tradition of a public funeral after the demise of a person but in the case of Kobayashi, there was no public funeral.

According to some reports, his wife and three children moved permanently to the Dominican Republic after Kobayashi’s death and they wanted to bury him there. However, even though Kobayashi died, Masa’s remained open after his death until 2013. Presently, Masa’s place is occupied by a sports bar.