There will be no performance of BTS band until they finish military service

why BTS band is joining military service


  • BTS band will serve in military services, accepted to join in early 2023.
  • Jin is willing to cancel his request to delay his service.
  • Dynamite song has made BTS famous world wide – espacially in west.

As per the south Korean law, every person has to go through military training and serve in military after attaining certain age.

After many years of debate and discussion, it has been confirmed that the world-famous Korean pop (K-pop) stars called BTS band will serve in the military services, the same has been announced by the BTS’s band management.

Earlier, it was extensively debated whether the group members should be given an exemption from military service due to their artistic success.

Will of band’s member on joining?

One of the oldest member named Jin is willing to cancel his request to delay his service as per the statement of Big Hit Music. Meanwhile, other six members are also planning to serve in the military.

In the statement of the company, it is informed that the group is looking forward to joining together again around 2025 following their service commitment.

However, no additional information on the timing of their service was given.

The group performed together in Korea and Busan over the weekend and these event will be last performance as a group until they finish serving in the military as per the Big Hit.

What activities BTS band’s member will perform in military service?

According to military officials, Jin and other BTS members will receive combat training for five weeks after they join military, before they are assigned to units.

Additionally, BTS band members would go through the same process as other people.

Lee Jong-sup, a Defense Minister mentioned that if BTS members joined the military, band members will be given permission to continue practicing.

For many years, entertainers had been assigned the jobs related to producing radio and television material for the military. However, this entertainment soldier system was ended in the year 2013 owing to cencerns over fairness.

What are the South Korean laws on military service?

Most able-bodied men have to and are required to perform military service for 18 to 21 months, according to South Korean law. However, certain exemptions had been given to artists and athletes who perform good in international competitions.

About the BTS Band

The BTS band was formed in the year 2013 and fan following has grown rapidly since then, at present time the band has huge fan around the world who call themselves as “Army.”

BTS stands for Bangtan Boys and band consists members such as Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimi, V, and Jungkook.

Their lyrics have often covered areas such as trouble of school-age youth and coming age, mental health, loss, individualism and journey towards seld-self. 

Following are the famous albums of the Band:

  • 2 Cool 4 Skool (first Korean-language album)
  • Wake Up
  • Wings (first one million copies was sold in South Korea)
  • Dynamite
  • Savage Love
  • Life Goes On

Presently, BTS is the best selling artist in South Korea history, and has sold more than 30 million albums.