A racist comment by Kanye West caused a loss of more than $1 billion and put him into trouble

Kanye west say that ruined his life


  • Adidas, Balenciaga, and other famous brands have ended business relations with Kanye West over his comment.
  • Donda Academy named after his late mother has been notified to be closed for the remainder of the year.
  • Singers’ social media accounts have been locked – Instagram, and Twitter.

Kanye West’s school known as Donda Academy will be shut down for the remainder of the school year, following antisemitic comments by the rapper and growing controversies.

As his racist comment spread like a fire in the wild, parents of the children who were studying in the Donda Academy were told that the school would shut with immediate effect until mid-2023.

In the mail, through which the parents were informed, the principal of Donda Academy said the school plans to start afresh in September of 2023.

About Donda Academy

The academy was named after Kanye West’s late mother, which charges $23,000 a year and it has been made compulsory for the parents to sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent leaks.

Donda academy school’s exact location lies in Simi Valley which is a closely guarded secret.

In the academy, there is no such normal uniform for the children, indeed, their students are required to wear uniforms by luxury fashion designer Balenciaga.

The school provides faith-based education with the promotion of Christian values as well as following the core curriculum, it also allows time for full school worship in its regular timetable.

There are many things that are taught to the child ranging from the subjective study, for example – science and maths to enrichment courses including choir, film, and parkour.

According to some reports, there are around 100 students at the school and 13 full-time teachers.

Effect of Kanye West’s comment

Soon after the singer’s remarks, the prestigious high school basketball tournament said, it would deny to include Donda Academy’s team.

His comment not only affected his school but also his career, Adidas company joined clothing giant Gap and Creative Artists Agency, a talent agency, that has partnerships with Kanye West.

It is also believed that the famous luxury fashion designer called Balenciaga has dropped Kanye West.

Of his antisemitic and racist comments, people are calling over the internet platforms and other areas of interaction to the consumers to boycott his music on Netflix and Spotify.

His social media accounts have also been locked out after his racist comment.

Present scenario

According to media reports, the singer Kanye West has lost over $1 billion as many companies canceled deals with him due to his racist comments.

Kanye west in his post on Instagram pointed out that he had lost film contracts, music contracts, sports contracts, and mortgages.

He also mentioned in the post that there are unknown powers who were trying to destroy his life owing to his tweet.

Almost every business partner of Kanye West, including the management team with whom he works, apparel and footwear brands, etc., has ended their business relationships as his racist comment went viral throughout the world.